It is not just a life, it’s a lifestyle!

It all started more than a year ago..

I had everything, a car, lived in a nice house, in a nice town, with a good social life and last but not least, a good job. None of this actually matters if it doesn’t make you happy.

As a kid you always get the question: What do you want to become if you are grown up? I never knew the answer.. One week I would love to be a hairdresser, the next week it changed into a policewoman and the week after that, I would like to become a writer.

This lifestyle kind of kept with me. You should know I am graduated as a nurse, loved to learn everything about the human body, but to work in that branch, my whole life..?
No, that is not me.

After my graduation I have had several jobs. Starting as assistant manager in a shop, grown into a manager. Worked for a multinational in operations and IT. As a sideline I worked as an assistant team manager for a car race team and ended up working as recruiter in an office. Did I liked these jobs? For sure I did.

Some of these jobs I really loved to do, but after a few years in the same job, in the same position.. I kind of felt stuck. The same with all the other stuff in life. You do it, you are good at it, the challenge disappears, you start to get bored and that gives a un-happy feeling. You find something new, but the circle repeats again.. and again, and again… Structure, a 9 to 5 work-life and all the other things society expects you to do. I came to the conclusion that I can’t compartmentalize my life like that, can you?

I owned a horse most of my life, different ones through the years. However that was actually the only thing that never got me bored, I lived for my horses, but I still missed something in my life.. but what? Do you know this feeling?

Just another day in life was rolling by.. and out of the blue I got the sad news that my job was going to end. Because of the circumstances at that time I had to take drastic measures. I decided to sell my horse, most painful decision ever.. When that was all sorted I bought a plane ticket to the other side of the world; Australia! My flight was in october so I still got a few months. I started working in hospitality for 6 months, as many hours as possible. Sold my car, gave up my apartment and sold almost everything else I owned. Besides of buying the ticket, arranged a visa and travel insurance there was no further plan.

From the day I entered this country, I loved it. After 2 weeks of Holiday in one place, I decided to buy some kind of transportation. Not just a car.. but a car big enough to live in. Well that’s how it started. My new life and lifestyle where born, from there on I became a Van-lifer, living a van-tastic life.

During the past 14 months I have been travelling from Sydney, to Melbourne, via Tasmania, Adelaid and the outback. To end up in Western Australia, where I currently am.

Mind you.. in the meantime I have been working hard. I did all sorts of jobs to fund my travels and to come in contact with locals and other travellers. From these 14 months, I worked on and of for employers for about 8 months. During my off time I started to do some courses and decided to build a WordPress website. Mainly to keep my family and friends posted on what I was up to. Soon I found out, I could make a bit of money with this website. So now I Am not just a traveller, I Am a digital nomad.

Would you also love to live your life like this and earn money with a WordPress website, or do you just like to read travel stories? Stay tuned!

Don’t dream your life, live your dreams. If you can dream it, you can do it!

6 thoughts on “It is not just a life, it’s a lifestyle!

  1. this is amazing, keshia!

    honestly, i couldn’t even imagine how you felt when you had to sell your horse as from all i know, getting attached with animal in any kind could be even harder when you have to let them go.

    but i’m sure your sacrifice and experience will get paid off with everything every now and then. stay safe in your adventure! 😀


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